qarbo LUXE - Sparkling Beverage Maker Starter Pack including CO2 Cylinder

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qarbo LUXE – Sparkling Water and Beverage Maker (Color)

10,000+ Happy Customers Worldwide • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee • 24 hour Despatch from our Warehouse in the UK • Free Extended Warranty • Free Recipe eBook and online recipe ideas

qarbo LUXE - The Ultimate Sparkling Beverage Maker for the Modern Home

From the success of our original qarbo CLASSIC, with 10,000+ units sold – qarbo LUXE is the next evolution in sparkling beverage makers. Get better design. Better quality. Better Carbonation. 30 Day Satisfaction and Free Return Guarantee.

Sparkling Refreshment, Elevated

Modern-Retro Italian Design • Australian Engineered • Solid Aluminium Body • Premium Anodised Finish • Patented Pressure Release Cap • Complete Sparkling Beverage System.

Enhance Your Beverage Experience with qarbo LUXE

Introducing the qarbo LUXE Sparkling Water and Beverage Maker, the epitome of elegance and innovation. Elevate your everyday refreshments to new heights with this anodised aluminium beauty that combines premium craftsmanship with advanced airplus technology. Experience a sparkling transformation as this remarkable device empowers you to infuse bubbles into any liquid, transforming ordinary drinks into extraordinary moments.

Effortless Customisation, Limitless Possibilities
Create, Customise, and Celebrate with qarbo LUXE

With the qarbo LUXE, you hold the power to create your own carbonated masterpieces. Effortlessly unleash your creativity by adding delightful bubbles to water, juices, cocktails, and more. The Airplus technology ensures precise carbonation control, allowing you to achieve the perfect fizz every time. Say goodbye to store-bought beverages and embrace the joy of customising your drinks, tailoring them to your unique taste preferences. Discover the endless possibilities that qarbo LUXE offers, empowering you to craft refreshing concoctions that impress and delight.

1 x qarbo LUXE Beverage Maker
1 x Bottle and Airplus Cap
1 x 15 inch Silicone Brush
1 x CO2 Cylinder from our partner CO2YOU. 

Unleash the Beauty of qarbo LUXE in Your Home
Prepare to be captivated by the stunning Italian-designed and impeccable craftsmanship of the qarbo LUXE. Made from premium anodised aluminium, this beverage maker is a true showstopper, seamlessly blending in with any kitchen or bar aesthetic. Its sleek and sophisticated appearance is a testament to the attention to detail and passion for perfection behind its creation. Each component is meticulously crafted to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. Embrace the elegance of qarbo LUXE as it becomes the centerpiece of your home, offering both functionality and style.

qarbo LUXE is 440mm Tall, 100mm Wide and 200mm Deep.
qarbo LUXE Bottles are 265mm Tall (inc Cap) and 85 mm in diameter.

NOTE: Due to the difference in gas cylinder standards, this is the version for UK, EU and USA.