The Twenty39 Promise

Our daughter was born in 2009, by the year 2039 she will be 30. What actions can we take today to ensure a better future for her and future generations?

Children are the personification of the future. As parents, our actions not only influence the future that our kids will inherit, they also inform and inspire the behaviour of the future generation.

Twenty 39 was created to answer a simple question, how can we help enable and inspire others to make choices today that will ensure a better future for ourselves, our children and the planet we all call home.

Healthier choices don’t have to cost the Earth.

Often when choosing the ‘green’ option we are forced to compromise on quality. Who hasn’t had a biodegradable bag split open at the worst possible time?

Twenty 39 designs and sources high-quality, sustainable household products and solutions that focus on reducing single-use items and unnecessary waste.

Sustainable product alternatives that don’t compromise on quality.

Our product development team are constantly seeking opportunities to disrupt and reimagine the everyday tasks and consumption behaviours that place a toll on our health and the health of the planet.

Our first product, the innovative qarbo sparkling water maker, delivers great-tasting alternatives to traditional sugar-heavy sodas, whilst dramatically reduces a household’s plastic consumption. And it looks amazing as well!

Our 2039 challenge to you…

What can you do today that will contribute to a better future for the planet and your own family?