qarbo LUXE - Sparkling Beverage Maker CO2YOU Special Offer

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qarbo LUXE – Sparkling Water and Beverage Maker (Color)

Exclusive £60 off qarbo LUXE for CO2YOU customers & get a FREE CO2 Cylinder!

Get your new qarbo LUXE for only £129 and, to make it even sweeter, we’ll throw in a FREE CO2 cylinder! It's the perfect opportunity to give a friend the gift of sparkling hydration or upgrade your own home beverage experience.

Why Upgrade to qarbo LUXE?

Unmatched Quality: The qarbo LUXE is not just a sparkling water maker; it’s a statement of style and a testament to craftsmanship, boasting a premium metal body and advanced carbonation technology.

Versatile Beverage Creation: With the patented Airplus CO2 infusion cap, you can carbonate almost any drink, from juices and cocktails to fruit-infused waters, all while enjoying superior carbonation and flavor.

Eco-Friendly Choice: Each glass of sparkling water made with qarbo LUXE reduces single-use plastic waste, supporting both your health and the planet.

1 x qarbo LUXE Beverage Maker
1 x Bottle and Airplus Cap
1 x 15 inch Silicone Brush
1 x FREE CO2 Cylinder from our partner CO2YOU. 

qarbo LUXE is 440mm Tall, 100mm Wide and 200mm Deep.
qarbo LUXE Bottles are 265mm Tall (inc Cap) and 85 mm in diameter.