qarbo CLASSIC - The Original Sparkling Beverage Maker for the Modern Home

qarbo CLASSIC is the original sparkling beverage maker that transformed the way we consume beverages in the home and office. Thousands of families use it to create healthy, delicious, fruit infusions and sparkling beverages.

Better for you. Better for them. Better for the Planet.

Elegance in Function.

qarbo CLASSIC embodies the perfect blend of elegance and ingenuity. Set free your imagination and enhance your hydration regimen to unprecedented levels. Explore beyond carbonated water by infusing pure flavors directly within the bottle. Your palate, your well-being—entirely within your grasp.

Sophisticated with Better Carbonation

Experience better and longer lasting carbonation, all while introducing an element of sophistication to any environment with its slimline design.

Learn about our Aircharge Cap

Enhanced Flavour Infusion.

Empower your family's well-being and taste preferences with our low-sugar syrups and the capability to infuse natural flavors from fresh ingredients directly into the bottle. The reins of both health and flavor are firmly in your hands.

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  • Slimline and Lightweight

    Crafted using injection-molded plastic, its streamlined and robust shape guarantees not just outstanding beverages but also effortless cleaning and portability.

  • Effortless Carbonation

    With its intuitive design and simple operation, you can transform ordinary tap water into a sparkling masterpiece in seconds.

    Learn about the Aircharge Cap 
  • The Aircharge Advantage

    Unlock superior carbonation and enriched flavors with the Aircharge cap. Designed to fit over a wide-mouth bottle, it simplifies cleaning and the addition of ingredients.

Get qarbo CLASSIC + Accessories.

Browse our full range of spares and accessories for your qarbo CLASSIC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get CO2 cylinders?

qarbo CLASSIC uses the same standard threaded 60L CO2 cylinders from qarbo*gas, Soda Stream (blue cylinders only) or CO2YOU.

We highly recommend CO2YOU Gas Refills. Click here to find out more.

Reduce single use plastics

Every time you drink a qarbo instead of a store-bought, fizzy drink, you are saving a bottle from potentially ending up in a landfill or a river.

Every two years, you could save up to 3000 single use containers per qarbo bottle!

Is there a glass bottle version?

There are no plans at this stage to offer glass bottles. However, if you desire a non-plastic bottle, we suggest purchasing a qarbo LUXE, which will have a stainless-steel bottle coming soon!

How big is qarbo CLASSIC?

qarbo CLASSIC is 406mm Tall, 76mm Wide and 152mm Deep.
qarbo CLASSIC Bottles are 380mm Tall (inc Cap) and 66 mm in diameter.