qarbo Sparkling Water Maker Corporate Program

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Imagine being able to sparkle any drink. Increase hydration while reducing coffee and sugary drink consumption in the office.

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qarbo (kar-bo) is the only table-top appliance that can sparkle anything.

Regular Soda Water.
Fruit Infused Water.
Fruit Juice Mix.

And even Friday Night Drinks.

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We all know that hydration is important but how many of us actually drink enough while at sitting at a desk or at work?

Drinking coffee doesn’t count. In fact, it makes it worse.

While we are 70% water, hydration doesn’t have to be bland or a chore.

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A lot of users have reported that sipping a fizzy drink while working helps concentration.

How much of that is high-sugar, caffeinated soft drink? Or carbonated water from a single-use, plastic container?

Question. How many bottles do your staff go through a week?

What if there was a sparkling water solution that was healthier AND better for the environment?

With qarbo, you could simply drink your soda water plain, infuse it with fruit or fizz it with a reduced-sugar syrup.

You’ll never look at that office fruit bowl the same way again.

Here’s how it works

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Our qarbo has been a hit with all our staff. It gets a lot of use throughout the week and we’ve saved heaps on stocking fizzy drinks in single-use containers. 

John Pititto, Partner. Mead Partners.

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We have a qarbo in each of our two kitchens and 100 very satisfied users.

Sophie Goodman, Founder. Deskplex Coworking.

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